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Recipes: piadina and passatelli


The piadina
Mix 500g of flour with 50g of lard, salt and enough tepid water to produce a firm dough. Divide the dough into little balls of about 100g.
Roll each ball into a circle of about a half centimetre thick with a diameter of 15cm. Cook the piadina on an iron hotplate or in a non-stick pan, turning it until it is ready.


This traditional soup is made by mixing 150g of breadcrumbs, 200g of grated parmigiano cheese, 4 eggs and a pinch of muscat nuts. Mix well and add salt to taste. In the meantime bring 2 litres of quality meat broth to a boil. Use a ‘ferro da passatelli’ (a special utensil) to form the passatelli, cut them to the desired length, then cook them in the boiling broth. When they rise to the surface they are ready to eat. Serve hot with grated parmigiano.

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