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Autumn in Romagna

In autumn Romagna is coloured in blues, reds and shades of gold, shrouded in magical fog, and full of traditional flavours. We’ll show you a land which is rich and generous during your low season holiday… you’ll be surprised at the difference!
This is the season of not-to-be-missed food and wine gastromomic delights: formaggio di fossa (cave-aged cheese), Sangiovese novello wine, honey from our hills, DOP olio di Covigno (olive oil). These products are celebrated at village fairs and festivals, which are key events on the social calendar of every good local.
This is also a great time to rediscover the sea. Experience the sea alone or in company, strolling on the shoreline to the low roar of the waves. The autumn sea is enveloped in a surreal atmosphere, magic and unforgettable. 

I’ll let you in on a secret

“At dawn on the wharf at the left of the port there is a seafood auction. Fisherman returning from a night at sea sell their catch directly to the public. Don’t miss it! This seafood will end up in the best fish markets and restaurants in our territory.”


Interested in trying one of our best regional formaggi di fossa? La Morosa will help you discover this excellent local delight!

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