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A ?slow? summer in Rimini

There are times when summer in Rimini can be fantastic, with long, hot days and uncrowded beaches. Come during the first fifteen days of June or in September if the chaos of August is not your thing, and you’ll find the beach calm and relaxing as well as discovering the many hidden corners of the city and hinterland during the most beautiful and radiant period of the year. Crisp, clear air, intense colours and the right temperature. The port and its fishing boats, the cycling path along the river Marecchia, the new Darsena (shipyard), the hills just outside the city walls; we’ll introduce you to a new and little known Rimini made up not only of the beach but also walks, enchanting landscapes and breathtaking views.

Il faro   

I’ll let you in on a secret

There is a trattoria in Santarcangelo, da Zaghini, where you’ll eat the simple, genuine dishes of times gone by. Loved by Fellini and Tonino Guerra, this place has remained faithful to tradition without selling its soul to fashion. Don’t miss it.


Want to have an unforgettable aperitif right on the beach? Come to LaMorosa and we’ll point you in the right direction.


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