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Mara Grandi's advices

“Some advice for a healthy and balanced diet for your children. Among the various dishes you will find in the LaMorosa buffet, you can choose one of the following proposals. They are combinations of balanced food for correct nutrition, supply of energy and the digestion.”


Menu 1

Starters: ham and melon
First course:
maccheroni with peas or pasta with tomato sauce or dumplings with tomato sauce grilled meat chop or thin slice of beef/veal grilled or steak . Green vegetables of your choice.

Menu 2

First course: Filled pasta in clear soup
Second Course:
veal/pork envelopes or roast veal/pork stewed in milk
Green vegetables of your choice

Menu 3

Starters: Octopus salad or mixed white fish or mussels and clams
First course:
risotto with fish sauce spaghetti with tuna sauce or spaghetti alla tarantina (with mussels, anchovies and parsley) or spiral shaped pasta with shrimps and courgettes sauce or flat spaghetti pasta with spinach and squid sauce or spaghetti with clam sauce (no tomato) (for grown ups)
Second Course:
fish or meat kebabs or golden sole or cuttlefish with peas or fish cutlet or grilled bass fish or baked cod

Menu 4

First course: maccheroni with meat sauce gramigna romagnola (thin spaghetti like pasta white or green) or long flat pasta with meat sauce or ravioli (filled pasta) with butter and sage
Second Course: chicken stewed in a tomato, wine and herb sauce or meat kebabs or meat envelope with lemon

Menu 5

First course: pasta with tomato and mozzarella cheese or pasta with asparagus or pasta with aubergines
Second course:
meatballs or cutlet or stuffed meat roll with ham or roast veal stewed in milk or small Italian omelette
Green vegetables of your choice.

Menu 6

First course: canelloni or lasagne or pasta-nest
Second course:
ham and melon or caprese (fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil salad) or grilled meat
Green vegetables of your choice.

Menu 7

Starters: filled toasted bread or pizza or cassoncino (filled piadina) or piadina (local flat bread)
First course:
minestrone or cream of vegetable soup or small pasta in clear soup
Second course:
chicken breast or meat kebab or hamburger or fish kebab or codfish
Green vegetables of your choice.

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