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Polenta e Omelette

Polenta with clams (poveracce)

It’s best to cook the polenta in a copper pot which is not tin plated, which will give off heat in a uniform manner. Tip the yellow cornflour into boiling salted water, a half kilo for each litre and a half of water. Cooking takes 45 minutes to an hour and constant stirring is required. When the polenta is ready put it on the chopping board and cover with a tea towel while you prepare the clams, which should in the meantime have been left to sit in salted water so that they spit out the sand inside them. Put a whole clove of garlic and some olive oil into a large frying pan. When you smell the odour of browned garlic remove the clove and throw in the clams. Put the lid on the pan and wait until the clams open, producing a liquid which makes a wonderful sauce. Tip them hot onto the polenta, serve and savour!

Omelette with whitebait (uomini nudi)

The whitebait, or ‘uomini nudi’, are newborn anchovies found in spring… one of the most delicious flavours of the Adriatic. Brown the whole fish in a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil and then add eggs, which should already be beaten with salt and pepper. Mix quickly with a wooden spoon and the game is up. This is a simple dish which was used in the past as a filling for the piadina.

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