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Breakfast in Romagna: the traditional sweets from our region

The symbol of pastry making in Rimini is the ciambella, a type of big donut which is usually served sliced. In the past locals ritually cooked their own ciambella at Easter, with many bakeries opening their ovens to the public. Now the ciambella is available all year and can be purchased in all bakeries and pastry shops.

Other typical local sweets include: Marmellata di latte (vanilla preserve), il Bustrengo (a fruit and nut pie), il Miacetto (a type of cake with nuts), la Fava dei morti (a type of biscuit traditionally served on November 2nd), la Pagnotta di Pasqua (Easter bun), and Dolce alla Saba (sweets served with ‘Saba’ preserve). Other delicacies typically eaten for breakfast are Marmellata di Mele Cotogne (quince apple preserve), honey and Savòr (made of grape must with almonds, dried fruit, apples and pears).

At LaMorosa you will savour the finest regional delicacies according to the rhythm of the seasons.


I’ll let you in on a secret

“The Piccolo Forno Marziali in Saludecio is a real laboratory of flavour and local knowledge. Daniele, owner and pastry artist, hand-prepares everything from the dough to the final cut and asserts that a direct relationship between man and dough is imperative. The result is without equal. The aromas which emanate from Daniele’s bakery will transport you back to a bygone era.”

Want to try an apricot and lavender preserve? Come to LaMorosa and we’ll unveil the secrets of this rare delicacy.

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