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Matterello & Co.

Special cooking utensils lie at the heart of our cuisine tradition in Romangna. Every local woman has a pan for cooking piadinas and a utensil for making passatelli in her kitchen. These dishes are the basis of typical traditional cuisine here in Romagna, so if you come to visit us you absolutely have to try them!

are made from a mixture of eggs, cheese, breadcrumbs and muscat nuts, and are produced with a ‘ferro da passatelli’, a special utensil for passatelli which is difficult to find outside Romagna.
The piadina is the most typical of our regional specialties. It should be cooked on the ‘teglia’, a special baking tray. The traditional clay piadina tray is hard to find these days, and there are only a few craftsmen left who still produce them.

I’ll let you in on a secret

“There is a traymaker, perhaps the last one left, who still makes clay piadina trays by hand. His workshop is in Montetiffi, a short distance from Rimini, and his name is Maurizio Camilleti. Drop in on him and pick up a genuine piadina tray to take home with you.”

Looking for the best piadina in Rimini? Or perhaps the unmistakable taste of hand-made passatelli? Come to LaMorosa and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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