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Ariminum: Rimini and its Roman roots

The foundation of Ariminum by the Romans should be chronologically placed to the year 268 BC and understood as part of a precise political strategy. In 283 the Romans had secured control of the Piceno with the colony of Sena Gallica, but it was in ’68 that they stamped their mark decisively on the Adriatic side of the peninsula. In this year, contemporarily to the foundation of Arminum, the Romans assured themselves of a defensive stronghold in the south in Benevento. This gave the Romans two strategic mainstays on the central Adriatic, one oriented towards the north and the other towards the south.

1. Arco d’Augusto (The Augustus Arch)
2. Ponte di Tibero (Tiberius Bridge)
3. Le mura (the city walls)
4. Le porte (the gates)
5. L’anfiteatro (the amphitheatre)
6. La Domus del chirurgo (The Surgeon’s House)

I’ll let you in on a secret

Right near the Ponte di Tiberio you’ll find the restaurant Marianna. It offers a seafood menu as well as traditional dishes like polenta with clams. It’s ideal for a lunch or dinner break while you explore the city.


Want to try the best gelato in Rimini not far from the Roman monuments? Come to LaMorosa and we’ll tell you where to find it.

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