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The breakfast

A marvelous buffet, delicious and rich in surprises, offers pleasure to every palate. We have “studied” our customers trying to satisfy everybody

  • The greedy buffet

For those who love to digging into chocolate, cream, croissants, sliced cold pork meats, jam and cheeses. For those who wake up dying for sweets and dainties, here they will meet their match!


  • Children’s buffet

For lively, cheerful kids who use up an infinite amount of energy during the day. Try to refuel properly in the morning to see you through all your adventurous games. You’ll find “delicious things” that are also healthy and nutritious

  • The low calorie buffet
For those who are particularly careful about keeping their figure and prefer diet food, i.e. low calorie. Our kitchen provides low calorie cakes and biscuits daily...furthermore: diet jam, low fat yogurt, grapefruit and pineapple juice and fresh fruit always available.

  • The biological buffet
For those who haunt biological shops and herbalist shops. For those who take pleasure in health care at the table. We have created a BIO corner, with food products coming from certified industries, homemade cakes and biscuits, prepared with non modified flours and ingredients.

  • The typical buffet

For those who love anything that is typical and traditional, related to the land they are visiting. For those who like to taste local food products: sliced cold pork meats, cheeses, special breads, jam, focacce (flat bread with olive oil) and honey. In our buffet Romagna is expressed at its best… the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

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