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Seasons and secrets

Romagna is always beautiful: when the sea is criss-crossed by the wakes of fishing boats and the beach is a multicoloured stretch of umbrellas, and when instead kiosks and pedal boats are coated with frost and fog rises over Ponte di Tiberio (Tiberius Bridge) like a shroud. Nature, things to do and the recipes to try change according to the rhythm of the seasons, while the monuments and the friendly cheerfulness of the local people remain unchanged. The low season offers a unique atmosphere and a wealth of secrets to discover. Let LaMorosa Hotel advise you on the best time to treat yourself to a special holiday.



I’ll let you in on a secret

“There’s a place, a rarely visited hidden angle, which is rich in history and tradition: San Giuliano shipyard. Luggers, traditional sailing vessels, were drydocked here in bygone times but today the shipyard repairs fishing boats. The walk on the left of the port to the shipyard is a really beautiful stroll.”


Ask us where you can find one of the few remaining craftsmen who creates models of traditional luggers from Romagna!

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