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Regional delights

Typical cooking in Romagna is based on simplicity: our traditional dishes are uncomplicated and exalt the flavours of garden vegetables. Authentic flavours are the key to local cooking, popular culture and the roots of our territory. Our identity belongs to this land, and that’s why we want to show you and have you try the genuine cuisine from our territory.


Seafood delicacies

Have you ever heard of ‘poveracce’(poor things) or "uomini nudi" (naked men)? Both are among the most commonly fished seafood in the Adriatic: clams, and newborn anchovies. Here are two great recipes to cook them ‘alla riminese’. Polenta with ‘poveracce’. Omelette with ‘uomini nudi’


Delicacies from the land

Do you know what ‘stridoli’ (shrieks) are? They are a type of wild green vegetable which is used to make a fantastic sauce. In some rare restaurants in the Valmarecchia you can still eat them with hand made pasta.


Vongole      Stridoli       Pesce azzurro


Want to know where you can try the best ‘lumachine di mare’(sea snails) alla riminese? Ask us here at La Morosa!

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