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Honey from Romagna

The various types of honey produced in Romagna come from two large areas: the Padana plain, characterised by the flowering of leguminous plants including alfalfa, and the area of the Appenine mountains, which is rich in nectar-producing plants such as sainfoin, clover, chestnuts, blackberries, blackthorn bushes and, at higher altitudes, blueberries and heather.
A wide variety of different types of honey are commercially available, each characterised by the type of flowers frequented by the bees which produce it. Chestnut honey, for example, is one of the most appreciated varieties due to its decisive flavour and slightly bitter aftertaste. Alfalfa honey is quite the opposite: very delicate to the point of neutrality, thick and very light in colour. In order to truly appreciate honey, it is necessary to know how to taste and recognise it.

Ideal combinations of honey and cheeses from Romagna

  • Miele di acacia (Acacia honey): Formaggio di fossa, Gorgonzola, fresh Pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese), mature Pecorino, Scquacquerone, Crecenza, Raviggiolo, fresh cheeses.
  • Miele di castagno (Chestnut honey): Formaggio di fossa, Parmigiano, semi-mature Pecorino, mature Pecorino, Robiola, cheeses of medium maturity and marbled cheeses.
  • Miele di bosco (Wildflower honey): Provola, vintage cheeses
  • Miele di Corbezzolo amaro (bitter Strawberry tree honey): Fresh Ricotta
  • Miele di Eucalipto (Eucalyptus honey): Caciocavallo cheese
  • Miele Tarassaco (Tarassaco honey): semi mature Pecorino

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