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Our trusted dietician Mara Grandi explains why oil-rich fish is so good for us

Fish is essential to a complete and balanced diet, even more so if the fish is pelagic (anchovies, sardines, mackerel, etc). These oil-rich fish, known in Italian as ‘pesce azzurro’ (blue fish), are high in nutritional value and are also great value for money.

Rich in noble proteins due to the presence of all the essential amino acids the body requires, pelagic fish are also an excellent source of mineral salts (selenium, fluorine, phosphorus, calcium, iodine) and vitamins such as A and D.
They also have nutritional characteristics which regulate blood clotting and blood pressure due to the presence of essential fatty acids which function as ‘cholesterol busters’, triglicerides, and omega 3, which are famous for their role in preventing hardening of the arteries.
Pelagic fish are low in fat and high in energy value, varying from 60 to 170 calories per 100 grams (excluding eel and processed fish). It follows that this low calorie food is both good for you and good for your waistline!

  • It is digestible: more digestible than meat for its lack of connective tissue; digestion is influenced by the type of cooking and by temperatures (it has to be cooked at a low temperature and not for a long

  • It is recommended in children’s diet: since the 8th month for being rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphor, iodium and essential fat which allow a balanced growth.

  • It is recommended in the diet of elderly people: it prevents osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis and does not create problems in chewing.

  • It is recommended in pregnancy and nursing: not only for being rich in nutritious elements but also because it is easily digestible; furthermore it associates a high nutritious value to a low caloric content..

  • It is recommended in weight loss: it is less rich in calories with fat which is more easily metabolized; it is considered the most suitable food for losing weight.

  • It is recommended in gastrointestinal pathologies: ulcer, gastritis and digestive problems, because if correctly cooked and prepared, it is a food which does not irritate the gastric mucous membrane.

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