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Pasquina's secrets

“I really enjoy bringing the flavours of our Romagna to the table. I choose regional specialties carefully for gourmet palates. A stove and a rolling pin are all I need to prepare you delights you will never forget.”

For a soft, fragrant piadina

The secret lies in working the mixture as little as possible. There is no need to continue kneading after the desired consistency has been obtained. When cooking the piadina, don’t turn it more than twice. This will ensure that it ends up nice and crisp.

A crunchy, tender seafood fry

Requires careful attention to two fundamentals: the selection of the seafood, and the breadcrumb coating. Choose calamari rather than bigger squid or cuttlefish, which are too tough. The smaller the calamari the more tender the result. Use flour and not batter, and the seafood will remain lighter, more digestible and crunchy.


Want to know the secret of producing a dream ragu’? Discover this and more at La Morosa.

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